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>OT Side note: I've met the guy who played Steve (Kenichi) here - he's half
>Jap and really LOOKS like Steve in his early forties. (Yeah, sonny... I beat
>the Bozanians to smithereenees...)

Really? gee, I have to meet that guy!

>>they've also shown some other weird stuff, like Captain Harlock.
>That was an American version already - a merging of two series - Captain
>Harlock and the Queen of Thousand Years. I have the subbed Captain Harlock
>origin - better in Japanese anyday.

I have the original harlock movie in sub. VERY NICE. Nothing beats
Harlock in terms of sheer melodrama and space opera, in my limited
experience. Of course, that girlfriend of his managed to come out with a
damn long death speech before finally running out of breath...that takes
stamina! LOL!

>> Well the 1/100 scale toys for G gundam are very nice, to tell the truth,
>> but the new Chinese production run seems a bit lacking in terms of
>> durability...the first run is quite fine...i have the God Gundam itself
>> from the first run...very nice.
>Really? Hmm. Maybe I should be more careful with my purchases then.

Well, when dealing with toy merchandise from bandai, one must always be
careful, I suppose...

HEY Filipino Gundam ML'ers! Why don't we all meet up and have a fine day
and just talk about gundam? and maybe send some pics to the ML???

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