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>I agree with your assessment. But I think it would open up channels for
>other various types of Anime. But not the extremely off-kilter ones. I think
>that Crayon Shin-Chan is one of the best anime ever made, but I don't think
>that people would take risks over it - particularly since it exists with no
>merchandising possibilities. Mecha stuff is as good a place as any to start
>with - and Gundam is the biggest institution.

Yes, with the merchandising of Gundam in full tilt, now is the best time to
release it. also, with the advent of american cartoons like Spawn in HBO
and other such, i think the violence content of the Gundam stuff will go
over well now, not like in the '80's when GIJoe showed that everyone could
eject out of HELICOPTERS, and no one got hit by laser rifles...

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