mirai y (eacmd@hotmail.com)
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 22:07:46 EST

>So, have any of the Japanese Transformers or Beast Wars shows been airing
>the Philippines lately? :-) (Yes I know that a lot of anime "purists"
>the franchise, but it's still my childhood favorite.)

My 7 yr. old loves Beast Wars. I was forced to buy Beast Wars toys in Japan
last summer despite my strong urging to buy Gundam toys instead. They're
made by Takara, and the worst possible quality. They've all fallen apart,
and I've thrown them all away. Contrast that to original Chogokin my
brother bought over 20 yrs. ago. and have been through 3 boys. They're
still in good shape. (My kid's favorite? Mazinga Z and Getta Robo guys.
My cousin just sent us Super Robot Taisen Complete Box for Playstation and
it's cool because he recognizes the robots!)

> >>But why G Gundam?
>G Gundam has been making strides in the local market and has had
>surprisingly good ratings - and excellent ones for its demographic -

I'm not surprised. My kid LOVES G Gundam. I actually thought this may be a
better choice for Toonami than GW, considering the demographics.

Maybe Bandai is hoping that Wing will do well enough on Toonami
>that they'd try a syndication or broadcast network run for G Gundam.
>got pretty close ties to Fox Kids USA and Lord knows *they* need the
>boost. (They get creamed in all but two timeslots every Saturday morning.)

That's a really good thought. Saturday morning usually have even lower
demographics than Toonami.
Either way I'm happy. I want to buy Gundam toys, not Beast Wars! (And
especially not Pokemon which is now overflowing out of our house...)

mirai y

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