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> New title or not, it IS season four of the show by the producers count. And
> between the horrid writing of the new season and the editing of Beast Wars
> reruns (for added commercial time of all things!), Fox has chased off more
> than a few formerly devoted fans. (Who ever heard of cutting down a
> syndicated show for a network timeslot?)

  I like the Beast Machines writing, I don't see why its horrid. Its better
written then a lot of other American cartoons. Fox did mess up Beast Wars for
the afternoon reruns real bad, though.

  A lot of devoted Transformers fans seem to be biased to any Trans show
besides the original. I grew up with Transformers and was/am a huge fan. IMO,
Beast Wars and Beast Machines do a very good job of continuing the
Transformers saga.


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