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> Not nearly as much as in the past. Kids WB beats them hands down in terms
> quality programming. (not to mention ratings.)

  I wish I got WB, because I do not get Kids WB at all. WGN is the only way I
had Kids WB and they do not show it anymore. I liked Batman Beyond a lot.
Kids WB's programming is better then Fox, but they do not have DigiMon or
Beast Machines, and these two seem to be the biggest things in the Fox
cartoon line up.

  I wish they would cancel the Starship Troopers CG show, its horrible. It
has some neat ideas, but its not very good. I liked it the first week, but
its not very good anymore. That could be replaced by a good anime series.

  What about the Sci-Fi Channel? They could show some anime series, because
they already show anime movies. Their cartoon line up is horrible, it would
be nice if they could show a few anime series, instead of that new Sonic
cartoon and the other cartoons they show.


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