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>From: "Roland Thigpen" <jenius@unspacy.org>
>You know, I'm really getting tired of everyone on here knocking so many of
>the subs and dubs out there. I'm sorry, but the many of the fansubs (at
>least those made by the better organizations) and just about everything by
>companies like ADV is translated by both a fluent speaker of Japanese (most
>times, a native of Japan) and a native speaker of English or whatever.

I'm not trying to brag, but I'm truly fluent in both languages. I have the
educational equivalent of 9th grade in Japanese (from a Japanese ministry of
education approved Japanese school) and an MD from an American medical
school. When I'm in Japan people think I'm native and vice versa in the US.
  Most translators are fluent in one but learned the other as a foreign
language. I think that is why nuances are often lost or mistranslated.
(And yes, I have met and personally talked to several of the big name
translators in the American anime industry and their English was less than

>And they almost always attempt to keep the translation as accurate as

This comment is actually not true. In many of the dubs, the voice actors
are given the freedom to make things up as they go along because Japanese
can never be translated exactly into English. In many cases, they are
forbidden to watch the original Japanese version because it will influence
how they act out the part. The belief is that they are making Anime for the
American audience, and doing things the American way would appeal to a
larger audience.

>You comment on all the cussing, and the Japanese being very polite. >Well,
>have you ever considered that this is acting out a part? Not >all
>characters in anime are Japanese ones, are they? And the world >of anime is
>not always set in the real world is it?

In a way, you are right. The Japanese language has almost no curse words,
especially strong ones. They depend more the speech itself to insult
people. However, the American translations often overdo the cursing in
inappropriate places. And believe me, GW had almost NO place where cursing
was appropriate.

>So, unless you want to start fansubbing or dubbing anime, knock of
> >knocking everyone else's hard work. At least they are making an ef!
>fort to get additional titles more widely shown and understood. And >many
>are doing extremely good jobs of it.

Well, actually I have translated for fansubbers. As far as the industry
itself goes, they're very closed to translators and very difficult to get
your foot in the door. I've translated at cons as a volunteer but I'm
always delegated a minor guest because the "hot shots" from the American
anime industry always want to take the big name guests. (And many attendees
came up to me afterwards to tell me that my translating was far superior to
the "official" translator because my English is fluent) I won't mention any
names, but their English ability was quite poor, and they have their names
on the credits of MANY well known anime series.

I just like to point out inaccuracies because it influences how people view
certain anime series. I would do more translating except most groups just
are not interested. Besides, I do need to make a living... I have family
and kids, you know. I can't live on free con passes and videos from
fansubbers that I get in return for my efforts.

mirai y

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