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<<Fox would do it. They take risks - from what I've heard. (Action, etc.)<<

Not nearly as much as in the past. Kids WB beats them hands down in terms of
quality programming. (not to mention ratings.) They've gotten soft after
depending on Saban (Power Rangers) for over half of their programming. Now,
they can't even get Spider-man to work, and they've all but killed Beast Wars
off. (Which was the #1 cartoon in the US up until Pokemon started.) Neither
of which would have happened on Cartoon Network or Kids WB. Fox might go for
G Gundam, but if Bandai has any degree of sense they'd shop elsewhere for a
US network.

>>What's the pulse on Gundam Wing though? How's it selling in Toys R'us


Not sure. It's too early to tell yet. It's only being sold in a few stores
right now & so far not here in Ohio yet. The toy magazine ads have stirred up
a lot of interest in the action figure & giant robot fan base tho. I'm not
sure that models will go over very well with the younger kids tho. We'll see.

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