Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:06:24 +0800

> So, have any of the Japanese Transformers or Beast Wars shows been airing
> the Philippines lately? :-) (Yes I know that a lot of anime "purists"
> the franchise, but it's still my childhood favorite.)

Takara Transformers showed on cable (an Aussie channel) here about two years
ago. I think this was the Powermasters series. The faithful watched it - but
didn't win any new fans.

Beast Wars has had mediocre success. It caught the eye of kids with their
animation - and the characters are known by name. But it didn't cause a
buying frenzy like G Gundam did. I dunno - maybe some factors - pricing for
one thing. G Gundam is relatively cheap to American toys.

> got pretty close ties to Fox Kids USA and Lord knows *they* need the
> boost. (They get creamed in all but two timeslots every Saturday morning.)

Fox would do it. They take risks - from what I've heard. (Action, etc.)

But I agree on the strategy they're pursuing... It's the same strategy they
pursued here - Wing came first, then G Gundam. Wing won fans from the teen
to young adult market quickly and I think they expanded in a similar fashion
with G Gundam for preteen boys.

What's the pulse on Gundam Wing though? How's it selling in Toys R'us

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