Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:11:51 +0800

> Well, they're also showing Slayers on local tv as well as one more Fantasy
> thing which I forget the name of...

Flame of Recca - which is currently the #1 show (animated or otherwise) in
the Philippines. Lupin III (the best animated series for me, frankly) is at
third currently. Telesuccess and Channel 7 is kicking Channel 2's ass over
the horizon. Mainly because the most experienced Seiyuu (Voltes and Yu-yu
vets) are with them - and most stay loyal even though they're paid
relatively small.

OT Side note: I've met the guy who played Steve (Kenichi) here - he's half
Jap and really LOOKS like Steve in his early forties. (Yeah, sonny... I beat
the Bozanians to smithereenees...)

>they've also shown some other weird stuff, like Captain Harlock.

That was an American version already - a merging of two series - Captain
Harlock and the Queen of Thousand Years. I have the subbed Captain Harlock
origin - better in Japanese anyday.

> Well the 1/100 scale toys for G gundam are very nice, to tell the truth,
> but the new Chinese production run seems a bit lacking in terms of
> durability...the first run is quite fine...i have the God Gundam itself
> from the first run...very nice.

Really? Hmm. Maybe I should be more careful with my purchases then.

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