Paul Fields (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 14:24:13 EST

>From: "Su, Rodrick" <>
>But if they
>don't toppled the Federation, I don't see how they can survived even if
>managed to defeat Axis and AEUG.

Simple you take all of Axis material, and
technology for yourself. Maybe dig up one
more comet or asteroid for supplies. The
Titans had the best and brightest that the
Federation had to offer. I don't see the
Federation regulars fighting or winning a
war against the Titans. The cream of the
Feds crop that wasn't in the Titans were
gone to AEUG like Bright, and Amuro. So
Feds that weren't Titans would get beat for
a while, until the Feds won through sheer
mass of numbers again. The Titans could also
pull a Delaz, and wait them out.


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