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> It would probably do very well here too. And seeing how
> little it relates to
> the main Gundam "universe", it'd be a lot less confusing to
> the younger kids.
> I think that Cartoon Network is planning on running the
> original TV series in
> 2001 tho. Maybe Bandai is hoping that Wing will do well
> enough on Toonami
> that they'd try a syndication or broadcast network run for G
> Gundam. They've
> got pretty close ties to Fox Kids USA and Lord knows *they*
> need the ratings
> boost. (They get creamed in all but two timeslots every
> Saturday morning.)

And to think that Fox Kids used to be high flying in ratings... Well, if
you don't evolve, you gets your ass kick. Wonder what would happen if the
Canadian company that bought Card Captor Sakura releases it on CBS Saturday
morning lineup?

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