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>Many shows had been tested in the Philippines well before a US release.
>Chodenji Machine Voltes V - dubbed in English by Filipinos made it to the US
>as is in a christian broadcast network (Other Giant Robot shows made it to
>the US as well were shown here first in English). Macross was released and
>dubbed here first before the US turned it into Robotech with new dubbing.

This is no surprise, to tell the truth, since Filipino culture is a total
mix of Asian and Western cultures. A perfect testing ground.

>Recently - Ruroni Kenshin debuted here with the title Samurai X - but with
>surprisingly excellent dubbing. It was dubbed by the people in Columbia
>Pictures (whose parent is Sony) - and they did a damn good job of it. It was
>way later that I found out that the Philippines had been showing it first
>way before it made a release direct to tape in the US. Surprising, isn't it?
>(I dunno if they showed it on TV eventually though)

Well, they're also showing Slayers on local tv as well as one more Fantasy
thing which I forget the name of...they've also shown some other weird
stuff, like Captain Harlock.

>The Philippine market is a test for bigger gains in the US.
>But why G Gundam?
>G Gundam has been making strides in the local market and has had
>surprisingly good ratings - and excellent ones for its demographic - preteen
>Their sales of their non-injection mecha have been excellent and has been
>flying of the shelves recently. It's selling better than Wing - at least
>from what I see when I go around the malls these days...

Well the 1/100 scale toys for G gundam are very nice, to tell the truth,
but the new Chinese production run seems a bit lacking in terms of
durability...the first run is quite fine...i have the God Gundam itself
from the first run...very nice.

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