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<<I come from the Philippines, and interviewing some local Seiyuu

(voiceactors) who do our local shows - I found out that the Philippines may

have long been a test audience for the US market.<<

So, have any of the Japanese Transformers or Beast Wars shows been airing in
the Philippines lately? :-) (Yes I know that a lot of anime "purists" loathe
the franchise, but it's still my childhood favorite.)

>>But why G Gundam?

G Gundam has been making strides in the local market and has had

surprisingly good ratings - and excellent ones for its demographic - preteen


Their sales of their non-injection mecha have been excellent and has been

flying of the shelves recently. It's selling better than Wing - at least

from what I see when I go around the malls these days....


It would probably do very well here too. And seeing how little it relates to
the main Gundam "universe", it'd be a lot less confusing to the younger kids.
I think that Cartoon Network is planning on running the original TV series in
2001 tho. Maybe Bandai is hoping that Wing will do well enough on Toonami
that they'd try a syndication or broadcast network run for G Gundam. They've
got pretty close ties to Fox Kids USA and Lord knows *they* need the ratings
boost. (They get creamed in all but two timeslots every Saturday morning.)

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