Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 00:30:49 +0800

Since I've found out that Gundam Wing is going to show in Cartoon Network
for the US release - it got me to thinking that maybe G Gundam is being
considered as well.

I come from the Philippines, and interviewing some local Seiyuu
(voiceactors) who do our local shows - I found out that the Philippines may
have long been a test audience for the US market.

Language is one similar factor, but also parent sensibility (with a
conservative majority) and exposure to similar media (American cartoons and
TV shows have a big influence here)...

Many shows had been tested in the Philippines well before a US release.
Chodenji Machine Voltes V - dubbed in English by Filipinos made it to the US
as is in a christian broadcast network (Other Giant Robot shows made it to
the US as well were shown here first in English). Macross was released and
dubbed here first before the US turned it into Robotech with new dubbing.

Recently - Ruroni Kenshin debuted here with the title Samurai X - but with
surprisingly excellent dubbing. It was dubbed by the people in Columbia
Pictures (whose parent is Sony) - and they did a damn good job of it. It was
way later that I found out that the Philippines had been showing it first
way before it made a release direct to tape in the US. Surprising, isn't it?
(I dunno if they showed it on TV eventually though)

The Philippine market is a test for bigger gains in the US.

But why G Gundam?

G Gundam has been making strides in the local market and has had
surprisingly good ratings - and excellent ones for its demographic - preteen

Their sales of their non-injection mecha have been excellent and has been
flying of the shelves recently. It's selling better than Wing - at least
from what I see when I go around the malls these days...

I think that Bandai of America maybe priming up to go head to head with
Pokemon soon... just a feeling - but I'd like to hear American's opinions
about this.

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