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Other notes:

First Comics released a Mazinger Graphic Novel way back in the late 80s
painted in oil by Go Nagai himself featuring a new Great Mazinger piloted by
Koji Kabuto...

The end of that book featured the return of Duke Fleed and Grandizer pairing
up with Mazinger as they faced the invasion of a thousand robots - and ended
without knowing who won...

I just wanted to know where I could get a copy of this book... :(


On to your quotes:

Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> Sayaka and Chizuru are both p****d about it. Boss (that supporting
character from
> Mazinger Z) took advantage of the situation, so he got what he deserves
courtesy of Kouji-kun. That was so funny.
> Maybe I'll try scanning some pages sometime ^^;

Sure I'd love to see it...


> I like the Daimos opening theme better than Voltes V's.
> But I like Voltes V's ending theme better than Daimos'.

True - but if you listen to the Animetal version (Animetal is a band that
covers Classic Anime theme songs) I think that Voltes has a better overall
melody - the mixing of Daimos was better for the TV show.

Combattler has an OK theme btw - although I still have to say that Yamato
(Starblazers) is still the best opening theme of all time.


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