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> How about Golion V & Dairugger XV? I remember a movie with the two
"Voltrons" in it.

"Voltron" was cut and paste by the American distributor, two Golion and
Dairugger were two different series altogether.

> >(Going way OT here, but I read there's a series of digital manga out for
> >Playstation that features the story one year after the end of Granzier
> >the reunion of the characters (Kouji and Maria)!! The artwork looked
> >from what I can see.)
> You can view that through a PSX? Where can I find it?

I'm trying to find a copy myself. But a friend in Japan should be able to

> Uh... yeah. Speaking of SRW, does anyone know where I can find a serious
SRW manga in the Philippines? There was a an original Japanese Neo SRW manga
before (even cheaper than the SRWF manga I bought which was in Chinese), but
> think someone bought it already before I can.

There is a whole series of SRW manga, (6 or 7 at last count) both gag and
serious (forgot who puts them out) that are an absolute hoot.

> By the way, I've mentioned this before; there is also a Getter Robo
SRW-style game for the PSX wherein all the Getter Robos meet... Getter Robo
is also by Go Nagai, right?

That game is not nearly as good as the SRW series since there are no spirit
attributes, so when your HP is depleted, you're basically screwed.

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