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>You know, I'm really getting tired of everyone on here knocking so many of
the subs and dubs out there. I'm sorry, but the many of the fansubs (at
least those made by the better organizations) and just about everything by
companies like ADV is translated by both a fluent speaker of Japanese (most
times, a native of Japan) and a native speaker of English or whatever. And
they almost always attempt to keep the translation as accurate as possible.
You comment on all the cussing, and the Japanese being very polite. Well,
have you ever considered that this is acting out a part? Not all characters
in anime are Japanese ones, are they? And the world of anime is not always
set in the real world is it? Try reading the credits at the end of each
episode to see exactly who translated it, and you will usually find at
least one Japanese and one Western name. So, unless you want to start
fansubbing or dubbing anime, knock of knocking everyone else's hard work.
At least they are making an effort to get additional titles more widely
shown and understood. And many are doing extremely good jobs of it.

Dude, the point is that you may have a fluent speaker of Japan, you may
have a fluent speaker in English, you may have both, but TRANSLATING what
something means isn't just a matter of word to word, nor is it just meaning
to meaning. With dubbing, you also have to get it right for the lip-sync,
I suppose, unless you want the old syndrome of mismatched lips. Then there
is characterization to boot. I AM NOT KNOCKING ON ALL THE HARD WORK OF
TRANSLATORS WHO ARE GOOD. But after seeing some really peurile stuff,
specially the translations I've seen for Macross: the Movie, and some of
the Japanese Transformers as well as some really bad Gundam translations, I
think I can say that not all translators are good. they may work hard, but
they may simply be sub-par. It's like me working as a translator for
Filipino and English. I may be good at speaking in both tongues, but no
way in hell would I presume to say that I am an expert in translation,
because that is a skill in itself. I do okay, but to be really good at
translation would require an understanding of thought patterns for two
cultures, something which is very admirable.

I'm just saying that there is characterization and nuancing lost when the
translation is bad...i am not saying that all subs and dubs are bad! for
example, the Tenchi Muyo in Love movie was very nice and dramatic in
English, and for me it was a very good translation, except for certain
areas where the dialogue was problematic because I guess certain phrases or
terms were hard to translate -- but it was very good in my opinion. For
all I know, the original might be even better, or just as good. The
Filipino version of Gundam WIng and G Gundam was quite good, except for the
shifts in formal to street language...which I think is quite acceptable if
we are to see the changes of characterization and other such from people
like Duo to Treize.

>BTW, I realize this is my first post, and many of you might not appreciate
a newcomer complaining about this, but after reading so many posts for the
last 2 months (most with better debates than this), I finally had to post
on something I feel strongly about. Besides, I didn't sign up until after
many of the debates I was interested in ended.

No problem! I mean, it's better we actually get views than none at all.
that would be boring.

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