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>>HeeeHeee... what a nice concept... but how do I actually make the unit?
>>Maybe i'll buy one when I get my christmas bonus...
>>I have an old Buster V2 & a standard one... so which parts should I use and
>you need both the V2 Buster and a V2 Assault. then i think you'll build
>the V2 then connect whatever accessory is needed from the buster and from
>the assault. what's left over can be used for the plain/normal V2.
>hmn... this thread is becoming hazardous to my financial status and i might
>actually go and buy these 2 kits from my christmas bonus -- which i'm going
>to use for the MG ZZ =)
>-Maoie Estrella

I already asked my friends to forego any other gifts for me this christmas
and pool it for an MG ZZ. You can imagine the reaction.

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