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>Where is this "BEST" shop ? All I know in Virra Mall shops that have models
>are Special Toys Center, Comic Alley and a store that sells anime in VCD sub
>(comic something it's name is...) ?

Comic Express. Has some interesting kits, and some academy stuff. A Dijeh
and Desert Zaku are there.

>I've never heard of that name before... where is it?

Best Toys is down on the first floor of Virra Mall. nice, but trying to
get discounts there only works if you're a big spender or (pardon me, but
this is true) chinese, or you are a friend of the owner. Low-salaried
Indios like me are usually ignored by him, whereas all the chinese
teenagers who buy by the tens of kits usually get a nice discount and get
to chat to him nicely. that's why i don't go there so much. I may pay
more for a kit some other place, but at least I don't get treated like
someone who is scraping funds for a kit. The fact is I am, but they don't
have to make it so obvious by having disdainful looks when they know you
are choosing an exact kit rather than just pointing and getting off the

Sorry, just venting because of the last time I was there. That old guy
gave me a "Can you afford it?" look when I was perusing the 1/100 kits.
Thank god some business concerns are coming to click. By mid next year,
I'll go by there with a lot of kits from other places and tell him he lost
a lot of business from me.

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