Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 08:49:03 -0500

>You know, I'm really getting tired of everyone on here knocking so many of the subs and dubs out there. I'm sorry, but the many of the fansubs (at least those made by the better organizations) and just about everything by companies like ADV is translated by both a fluent speaker of Japanese (most times, a native of Japan) and a native speaker of English or whatever. And they almost always attempt to keep the translation as accurate as possible. You comment on all the cussing, and the Japanese being very polite. Well, have you ever considered that this is acting out a part? Not all characters in anime are Japanese ones, are they? And the world of anime is not always set in the real world is it? Try reading the credits at the end of each episode to see exactly who translated it, and you will usually find at least one Japanese and one Western name. So, unless you want to start fansubbing or dubbing anime, knock of knocking everyone else's hard work. At least they are making an e!
>fort to get additional titles more widely shown and understood. And many are doing extremely good jobs of it.

 Guys, I think it's time we take a moment to reflect upon this matter.......... there, on with the bashing! (j/k^^;)

>BTW, I realize this is my first post, and many of you might not appreciate a newcomer complaining about this, but after reading so many posts for the last 2 months (most with better debates than this), I finally had to post on something I feel strongly about. Besides, I didn't sign up until after many of the debates I was interested in ended.

 Hey, don't worry. Newcomer or not, you're opinions are welcome. I'm very much in favor of the freedom of expression. Besides, you did make a good point.


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