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Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:37:35 +0800

Where is this "BEST" shop ? All I know in Virra Mall shops that have models
are Special Toys Center, Comic Alley and a store that sells anime in VCD sub
(comic something it's name is...) ?

I've never heard of that name before... where is it?

Mauz wrote:

> i don't know 'bout the gm sniper... but have you tried asking at BEST in
> virra mall? i usually get discounts ("tawad", as we call it) there
> (especially if i ask the old guy in charge).
> i got the mg alex for 1800 php (45$) which is 400 php (10$) cheaper than
> the 2200 php (55$) than the prices at the malls.
> i forgot the price of the gm sniper there, though...
> i think they have the v2 buster but i'm not sure 'bout the assault. you
> can order from said old guy (i think his name's "billy"). he's usually
> there late afternoon and during the weekends.
> btw, my friend who was able to build the v2 assault-buster says that the
> problem with is the articulation... it can barely move 'coz of the armor
> and all those attachments. but i guess that much is obvious just by
> looking at it =) he didn't do any mods on it to improve said problem,
> though...
> hope this helps =)
> -Maoie Estrella

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