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Subject: Re: [gundam] A V Gundam question
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>Bandai's been weird on their kit releases, you never get a complete lineup
>with any series:
>1/144 scale: V2, V2 Buster
>1/100 scale: V2, V2 Assault, V2 Buster
>SD: V2 Assault Buster

there's a 1/60 V2 around, right? haven't seen it yet, though...

>I just got the SD G Generation Zero version of
>the SD V2 AB, but haven't got a chance to pull out my old SD V2 AB to see
>if they've added anything to make the GG0 version different.

does the GG0 ver. really split/transform into its diff. parts like in the
pics at HLJ?

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