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Subject: [gundam] GM sniper vs. V2 Assault
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:09:49 +0800

>Any filipino's out there bought the GM Sniper from 08th MS Team? Well,
I've seen
>it, and it costs 750 pesos ( $20 ).
>It was actually on my list, but I'm considering buying an Assault V2 for
>Assault & Buster configuration of the V2... so anybody out there already
got the
>GM Sniper kit? Is it really good?

i don't know 'bout the gm sniper... but have you tried asking at BEST in
virra mall? i usually get discounts ("tawad", as we call it) there
(especially if i ask the old guy in charge).
i got the mg alex for 1800 php (45$) which is 400 php (10$) cheaper than
the 2200 php (55$) than the prices at the malls.
i forgot the price of the gm sniper there, though...
i think they have the v2 buster but i'm not sure 'bout the assault. you
can order from said old guy (i think his name's "billy"). he's usually
there late afternoon and during the weekends.
btw, my friend who was able to build the v2 assault-buster says that the
problem with is the articulation... it can barely move 'coz of the armor
and all those attachments. but i guess that much is obvious just by
looking at it =) he didn't do any mods on it to improve said problem,
hope this helps =)

-Maoie Estrella

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