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Eiji Hayashi writes,

>The MSN is particularly confusing considering the NZ also uses the same
>prefix for their MS, and the N sure as hell doesn't stand for Nagano there.

  Right - it's short for Newtype, obviously.

>umm.. isn't the Gundam Mk. V derived from the Psycho Gundam Mk II? That
>connection I can see. I don't see how any of the Mk IIIs could be a
>predecessor of the Mk V beside sharing the obvious MK series. None of the
>MKIIIs described looked or sound anything like the GV.

  The Mark V does indeed derive from the Psyco Gundam Mark II, but
according to G Generation Zero, it also inherits from Anaheim's MSF-007
Gundam Mark III. This new game presents an original "missing link", the
Gundam Mark IV, which is a little bit like the Mark III and a little bit
like the Mark V, with a single incom mounted in its backpack. But i think
I already explained this...

>yet you consider the MSZ-007, which is basically cut from the same cloth,
>and only 1 model number up on the Zeta II, to be a Gundam simply because the
>name "Gundam" is out in the open. ^_^'

  Yep, them's the breaks.

>not if we use my system. Besides, there is no proof that the word "Gundam"
>is either abbreviated or implied in GM. speculations don't count.

  Sure, but there's no proof that GM _isn't_ a contraction of "Gundam" or
"Gundam Mass-produced". Without knowing for sure, we can't rule out the
possibility that GM is an acronym or abbreviation just like FAZZ or
Re-GZ. It certainly doesn't stand for "General Model," which is a
fabrication of English-speaking fans.

>I don't even see why there is even the possibility of a case for the GM
>considering it is the quintessent fodder. Something which, I don't care what
>system you use, a real Gundam should never be.

  That's a value judgement. I'm trying to avoid subjective "well, that
doesn't seem like a Gundam to me" arguments. And like I said several
times already, the possibility that "GM" is an abbreviation for "Gundam"
is the reason why I ruled out other derivatives like Z Plus, FAZZ, and
Re-GZ... because, like I said, any rule that classifies the GM as a
Gundam is obviously useless.

>err no Mark. Bandai's own Bible spelt out what the FAZZ stands for in plain
>English, "Full Armor Double Zeta GUNDAM". The word GUNDAM clearly present in
>its unabbreviated form. I don't see how you can say it doesn't include it
>but the Re-GZ does.

  That's the opinion of Bandai's hired writers, not of the Sentinel staff
(who never say what FAZZ stands for). But if you're going to consider the
Entertainment Bibles as an official authority, then I suppose even my
rigid definition could accept the FAZZ as a Gundam. Of course, if the
FAZZ qualifies, then so does the Re-GZ...

-- Mark

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