Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 01:42:13 -0500

>> Though, I have to admit that I'm kinda like Wufei, but not as loud.
>Besides, I'm too passive to put any vindication into action ^^; But if
>there are characters whom I can identify with (personality-wise), I guess
>it would be Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and Squall Leonhart from FF8.
>For me, it would be Balgus from Escaflowne.

 Sorry, I haven't seen Escaflowne yet. But I'll look for info about Balgus...

 Speaking of Escaflowne... nah, I'll save this one for another post ^_^;


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