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>That's it! Let the Wing Boys speak Shakespearean or Austenian English.
>Sure beats cussing. Don't understand why the British/American subbers and
>dubbers make the anime characters so foul-mouthed. Esp. considering
>Japanese are usually so polite.

Yes, and there is the fact that I would expect Duo, for example, to use
street language, while Quatre would have to be formal, owing to his
upbringing. Heero and trowa would have a heavily technical use of
language, owing to their backgrounds, while Wufei would probably be most

>Uchu sounds awfully like Cantonese (Chinese) for universe. Are you sure
>it's space not universe? Space in Cantonese is taihon, I think Japanese
>use the same kanji as well. Your comment on heart the organ vs. heart the
>soul is also interesting. Chinese also have different terms to distingish
>the two.

Exactly. The Filipino terminology for that is based on inflection and
intonation, as well as usage -- which worked quite well in translation. I
think the language barrier here is that English is a very specific
language, whereas the original language is very nuanced.

>It's really a shame no one takes anime seriously enough to do some proper
>translation. After months of learning from the GML, I thought I'd finally
>learned all I can about 0079, now thanks to you Mirai, I realize ther's a
>level of 0079 that I haven't touched yet, and probably never can
>understand completely. :(
>CHIN, Chien Ting

Well, I always thought the the language problem took away a lot of the
spirit of the characters. In this way I prefer a good translation (dub)
over subtitles...subtitling tends to distract viewers from the visuals.

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