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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> It stands for (mecha designer Kazumi) Fujita, just as the Type 100's
>MSN prefix stands for (Mamoru) Nagano. Maybe there's a mecha designer out
>there whose last name begins with "Z". ;-)

The MSN is particularly confusing considering the NZ also uses the same
prefix for their MS, and the N sure as hell doesn't stand for Nagano there.
The Z in MSZ obviously stands for Zeta.

> Incidentally, the G Generation games have now established that the
>Gundam Mark III is actually the ancestor of the Gundam Mark V seen in
>Gundam Sentinel (the missing link, the Gundam Mark IV, appears in G
>Generation Zero). So maybe we should factor it into the Gundam lineage, eh?

umm.. isn't the Gundam Mk. V derived from the Psycho Gundam Mk II? That
connection I can see. I don't see how any of the Mk IIIs could be a
predecessor of the Mk V beside sharing the obvious MK series. None of the
MKIIIs described looked or sound anything like the GV.

> >The MSZ-007 mass production Zeta
> >Gundam, MSZ-008 Zeta II (which BTW.. under your system wouldn't be
> >considered a Gundam since it doesn't have the word "Gundam" in its name
> >^_^),
> Exactly right. I note that this too is described as a design intended
>for mass production, hence its greatly simplified transformation (which
>greatly resembles the Methuss).

yet you consider the MSZ-007, which is basically cut from the same cloth,
and only 1 model number up on the Zeta II, to be a Gundam simply because the
name "Gundam" is out in the open. ^_^'

> >so basically your definition doesn't consider a unit a Gundam even if the
> >word "Gundam" is abbreviated or implied in its name ^_^, it has to be out
> >the open. Sorry Mark, that system seems just a bit too rigid to me in
> >sense.
> Well, otherwise we have to admit the possibility that the GM is a
>Gundam. I had to draw the line somewhere! At any rate, the Re-GZ has

not if we use my system. Besides, there is no proof that the word "Gundam"
is either abbreviated or implied in GM. speculations don't count. Personally
I don't even see why there is even the possibility of a case for the GM
considering it is the quintessent fodder. Something which, I don't care what
system you use, a real Gundam should never be.

>stronger claim on this score than the Z Plus and the FAZZ, since its
>acronym at least includes the word "Gundam".

err no Mark. Bandai's own Bible spelt out what the FAZZ stands for in plain
English, "Full Armor Double Zeta GUNDAM". The word GUNDAM clearly present in
its unabbreviated form. I don't see how you can say it doesn't include it
but the Re-GZ does.

> Exactly. But remember that the FAZZ is supposed to be a downgraded
>mockup of the Full Armor ZZ Gundam - inferior armor, no transformation or
>core block system, the hyper mega cannons are dummies - that was created
>just to test options for the later mobile suit. In fact, according to the
>chronology, the FAZZ was produced before the ZZ Gundam itself! (Half a
>year before, according to the Gundam Wars Sentinel book.) Like the
>Methuss, Type 100, and GunEZ, it's basically just a spinoff from the
>development of a genuine Gundam.

Nevertheless, it is still called a Full Armor Double Zeta GUNDAM
unabbreviated by Bandai's own Entertainment Bible. Even by your definition
that should be enough. As for the Zeta Plus, well.. you know my argument.

My system is better..! :P

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