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> How many V2 Gundams where made? I saw a picture in a magazine ages ago that
> shows a scene from the anime with two V2 Gundam's side by side. So, there are
> at least two of them, then.

There were actually 2 made. But since the League Militaire's target is to mass
produce them just like the V Gundam & Hexa Gundam, they only made two. Probably
because of expensive parts. The V2 is a majestic mobile suit after all. The first
V2 was piloted by Usso Ebbing under a shameful experience, and the 2nd unit was
piloted by Oliver Inoue, leader of the all sexy, all female shrike team.
Unfortunately, he sacrificed his life and the core fighter unit was destroyed.

> Another question, how old is the Gundam pilot(s) in V2 Gundam? One is only
> 12-13 years, isn't he? The only thing I know about V Gundam, is the mecha
> designs from V Gundam are very cool.

The main pilot, Usso Ebbing, is 13 years old. And he has newtype abilities me not
sure... since his parents left him on earth, they did leave him to himself a
mobile suit simulator on his home and some training on survival. And he did earn
some considerable ranks as well when he kicked off Zanscare ace pilot Chronocle
Asher out of the cockpit and stole his MS while he accidentally entangled
himself on his MS while para-sailing. (it is a very painful shame indeed, and
funny.) And because he saved Marvette Fingerhut who was injured and was testing
the V Gundam core fighter at that time, he was accepted as a "stand in" but later
as the main pilot.

Well, i like the MS designs too but some Zanscare MS looks really crazy for the
eyes... can anyone exlain this concept?

> Why are the pilots so young? I hope AnimeVillage gets around to subbing V
> Gundam. Would V Gundam have been a better Gundam show to release in the US
> first? Wouldn't a Gundam show with young kids as the pilot appeal better to the
> people who watch CN?

The young pilots are Usso Ebbing, Odero Henrik & Thomas Masarik. Odeo was Usso's
best friend of earth while Thomas was one of the children of a satellite whom the
LM rescured from Zanscare.

YOu're right about letting V Gundam be released first... after all, GW is about
boys who are actually killers (assassins) while in V the boys are like involved
in a war they didn't want to be in... they want to fight for their earth which
would be more acceptable to US viewers...

But why is it that the V series didn't have much popularity unlike it's other
predecessors? Please answer this Mark...

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