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The Barzam uses a close variant of the Mk II's backpack thruster, a variant
of its vulcan gunpod, and the movable frame of its arms and legs are a
variant of the Mk II's. Consider it a salvaged by-product of the Mk. II
program, which was scrapped for mass-production because the 3 prototypes
fell to enemy hands. (AEUG ripped them off in episode 1, of course.)

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> Somewhere a few messages back I could swear that someone said that the
Barzam was a descendent of the Gundam Mark II or something??? I've been
trying to see a connection, but honestly I really haven't found one yet. Is
there any evidence to prove this theory? IMHO the Barzam looks like it
could fit in with the whole "pirate" theme currently going on with Turn A
> Jason
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