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Nope, not the same universe at ALL. Not even Combattler V and Voltes V are
in the same universe even though the show are ostensibly sequels. Mazinger
Z and Grandizer ARE from the same universe, being real sequels with common

(Going way OT here, but I read there's a series of digital manga out for the
Playstation that features the story one year after the end of Granzier with
the reunion of the characters (Kouji and Maria)!! The artwork looked great
from what I can see.)

The only place these shows meet is in the SRW universe where every one has a
super robot!

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> > >How many people would want to have that happen? :)
> >
> > A lot probably. But then, ain't Ippei & Megumi the official couple?
> I heard this. But I feel that Megumi was just being concerned like in
> Gatchaman where Jun (Swan girl) was sort of concerned about Joe's (Hawk
> attitude - but everybody knew that Ken and Jun were the item. It's just
> VV wasn't too concerned about it - and I agree that any love pat would
> been a distraction to the overall story.
> If Kenichi and Megumi happened to meet
> > Hyoma & Chizuru during a stroll at a park, things might
> > probably be a little different =)
> LOL. :)
> BTW, isn't Voltes and Combattler part of the same universe like Mazinger
> Grandizer is? I think that meeting would be possible.
> Or is it just because they both have Chodenji (Electromagnetic) in their
> titles...
> (Chodenji Robot Combattler V - Chodenji Machine Voltes V)
> > >BTW, why is this thread appearing in a Gundam ML? :)
> >
> > Uh... 'cause the Gundam ML is the closest thing to a SRW ML? ^^;
> >
> > -Veilchen
> True... True... :)
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