Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 12:07:04 -0500

>I heard this. But I feel that Megumi was just being concerned like in
>Gatchaman where Jun (Swan girl) was sort of concerned about Joe's (Hawk guy)
>attitude - but everybody knew that Ken and Jun were the item.

 That's another case... Joe and Jun...

>It's just that
>VV wasn't too concerned about it - and I agree that any love pat would have
>been a distraction to the overall story.

 Yeah, I guess it is. But is that any excuse for Kenichi to act like a jerk towards Megumi?

>If Kenichi and Megumi happened to meet
>> Hyoma & Chizuru during a stroll at a park, things might
>> probably be a little different =)
>LOL. :)


>BTW, isn't Voltes and Combattler part of the same universe like Mazinger and
>Grandizer is? I think that meeting would be possible.

 I don't think that the story of VV and CV are related...

>Or is it just because they both have Chodenji (Electromagnetic) in their
>(Chodenji Robot Combattler V - Chodenji Machine Voltes V)

 Yeah, I know. I think it's just the "chodenji" thing...

>> >BTW, why is this thread appearing in a Gundam ML? :)
>> Uh... 'cause the Gundam ML is the closest thing to a SRW ML? ^^;
>True... True... :)

 I do hope no one finds this thread annoyingly OT. But speaking of SRW; I remember a part in the SRW manga wherein Hyoma and Kouji are 'captivated' by this girl (I dunno who she is, but for some reason, Nina Purpleton comes to my mind) and of course, Sayaka and Chizuru are both p****d about it. Boss (that supporting character from
Mazinger Z) took advantage of the situation, so he got what he deserves courtesy of Kouji-kun. That was so funny.
Maybe I'll try scanning some pages sometime ^^;


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