Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 18:23:10 +0800

> >How many people would want to have that happen? :)
> A lot probably. But then, ain't Ippei & Megumi the official couple?

I heard this. But I feel that Megumi was just being concerned like in
Gatchaman where Jun (Swan girl) was sort of concerned about Joe's (Hawk guy)
attitude - but everybody knew that Ken and Jun were the item. It's just that
VV wasn't too concerned about it - and I agree that any love pat would have
been a distraction to the overall story.

If Kenichi and Megumi happened to meet
> Hyoma & Chizuru during a stroll at a park, things might
> probably be a little different =)

LOL. :)

BTW, isn't Voltes and Combattler part of the same universe like Mazinger and
Grandizer is? I think that meeting would be possible.

Or is it just because they both have Chodenji (Electromagnetic) in their

(Chodenji Robot Combattler V - Chodenji Machine Voltes V)

> >BTW, why is this thread appearing in a Gundam ML? :)
> Uh... 'cause the Gundam ML is the closest thing to a SRW ML? ^^;
> -Veilchen

True... True... :)

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