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Eiji Hayashi writes,

>it was the last part. Part 5 I believe, which I read.

  Hm... since Part 4 is in issue 51, I assume you're thinking of issue 52
(though this one doesn't seem to be labeled as part 5). Part 4 has that
fold-out chart of Z Plus types and specs, which as far as I can tell says
nothing about the number of D types produced. In issue 52, page 18 has a
little followup on the D type. At the bottom of this page, the D type is
described as having "first class" fighter capabilities - might you simply
have misread this line, or is there another page you have in mind?

>according to the bibles, the R2 is simply the personalized model of the R1A,
>which is, according to the bibles, a mass production MS. If there are any
>more changes it wasn't covered in it.

  The Entertainment Bibles don't provide any substantial info on the R-2
type Zaku. If you won't take my word for it, I suggest you consult the
MSV kit manuals, the Master Grade manual, the Gundam Weapons book on the
R type Zaku, Kodansha's old MSV publications, blah blah blah. The upshot
is that this model was intended for mass production, but passed over in
favor of the Rick Dom.

>and you must admit Mark, that going by the model number method is fairly

  Irrefutable in that I'm not going to be able to change your mind by
arguing about it. You have your system, I have mine, and hopefully we're
both happy. Obviously it's hopeless debating whether the Z Plus and Re-GZ
qualify as Gundams if we don't accept the same definitions, but at least
we know what those definitions are, eh?

>The Mark IIIs using the RX perfix may not apply with my system, but they
>would apply using your system (since they have the word "Gundam" in it. The
>one listed in the Bibles has the MSF prefix, not MSZ. I have no idea what
>the F in it stands for, maybe Federal Force.

  It stands for (mecha designer Kazumi) Fujita, just as the Type 100's
MSN prefix stands for (Mamoru) Nagano. Maybe there's a mecha designer out
there whose last name begins with "Z". ;-)

  Incidentally, the G Generation games have now established that the
Gundam Mark III is actually the ancestor of the Gundam Mark V seen in
Gundam Sentinel (the missing link, the Gundam Mark IV, appears in G
Generation Zero). So maybe we should factor it into the Gundam lineage, eh?

>The MSZ-007 mass production Zeta
>Gundam, MSZ-008 Zeta II (which BTW.. under your system wouldn't be
>considered a Gundam since it doesn't have the word "Gundam" in its name

  Exactly right. I note that this too is described as a design intended
for mass production, hence its greatly simplified transformation (which
greatly resembles the Methuss).

>so basically your definition doesn't consider a unit a Gundam even if the
>word "Gundam" is abbreviated or implied in its name ^_^, it has to be out in
>the open. Sorry Mark, that system seems just a bit too rigid to me in that

  Well, otherwise we have to admit the possibility that the GM is a
Gundam. I had to draw the line somewhere! At any rate, the Re-GZ has a
stronger claim on this score than the Z Plus and the FAZZ, since its
acronym at least includes the word "Gundam".

>You're telling me if Hajime Katoki wasn't such a lazy ass and
>abbreviated his MS as FAZZ but spelled it out the long way as "Full Armor ZZ
>Gundam", you would consider it a Gundam.

  Exactly. But remember that the FAZZ is supposed to be a downgraded
mockup of the Full Armor ZZ Gundam - inferior armor, no transformation or
core block system, the hyper mega cannons are dummies - that was created
just to test options for the later mobile suit. In fact, according to the
chronology, the FAZZ was produced before the ZZ Gundam itself! (Half a
year before, according to the Gundam Wars Sentinel book.) Like the
Methuss, Type 100, and GunEZ, it's basically just a spinoff from the
development of a genuine Gundam.

-- Mark

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