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Aaron asks,

> How many V2 Gundams where made? I saw a picture in a magazine ages ago
>shows a scene from the anime with two V2 Gundam's side by side. So,
there are
>at least two of them, then.

  That's all they made. The V2 Assault and Buster are optional
accessories for Usso's V2.

  As for the V Gundam, one book claims that the League Militaire produced
enough parts for 20 units - but that presumably includes lots of sets of
arms and legs, and the actual number of core fighters (hence complete
Gundams) may be rather lower. Judging from the animation, there may be as
few as 5 or 6 actual core fighters in circulation.

> Another question, how old is the Gundam pilot(s) in V2 Gundam? One is only
>12-13 years, isn't he? The only thing I know about V Gundam, is the mecha
>designs from V Gundam are very cool.

  Usso's 13, a year younger than ZZ's Judo and two years younger than
Amuro and Heero. I must say he's a much better rounded character than Judo...

> Why are the pilots so young?

  Only Tomino knows. But the League Militaire is largely staffed by
senior citizens and children - like the original series, this serves to
illustrate how short-handed they are. (Unlike the original series,
there's no particular reason _why_ they're so hard up for personnel.)

-- Mark

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