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Aaron writes,

> Personally I want more Z and ZZ era MSs in the HGUC line.....but if
>Bandai choose to make a Rx78 HGUC I'll definitelly get it.

  I think we'll probably see a lot of Z and ZZ mobile suits, especially
those that haven't been made in 1/144 scale before. Thus, the Geymarck
and The O are contenders. I also have a hunch that an HG-UC Zeong isn't
far off...!

> It seems that there isn't any new MGs that have been announced for next
>year, I guess Bandai don't want to overflood the Market with MGs, I predict
>the next MGs will be released around April and it will be either GP03s,
>GM-Command, or Some Zeon Mecha...

  Since I successfully predicted that we'd see the GM Custom, I'll go out
on a limb and make some Y2K predictions. Ready? Here we go...

* Gouf. This simply can't be put off any longer. I have a hunch it might
be released in tandem with Ranba Ral's MS-05, in which case one could
include a figure of Ranba Ral and the other a figure of Crowley Hamon. :-)

* Kaempfer. A bit of a long shot, but c'mon already! This will also help
extend the MG franchise beyond the original series. And there are no
other 0080 designs worth doing - after all, none of the parts from the
regular versions can be reused to do the 0080 incarnations.

* GM Cannon. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but it's a pretty
easy spinoff from the existing GM. As such, it's just about the easiest
MSV to add to the line (the other being the Zaku Desert Type).

* Full Armor ZZ Gundam. This one's a prediction from the G-GOODS
newsletter, so I can't take credit if it comes to pass. ;-)

  And some long shots...

* Superior Gundam. I predict they'll cool it on the less warmly beloved Z
and ZZ designs, but the S Gundam would make a great high-water mark in
terms of chronology.

* Gundam GP03S. Yes, it's the only Gundam they haven't MG-ized up until
the Nu Gundam, but it's only on-screen for about 20 seconds (which is
still more screen time than the GM Quell got). And if they didn't do a
Dendrobium to go with it, the fans would make such a stink! ;-)

* Gerbera Tetra. I think the odds of the GP04 are just a bit too slender...

  What I'd like best, of course, is a line of ships & mobile armors.
They're just too cool!

-- Mark

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