Tue, 23 Nov 1999 03:21:33 EST

> Also, there's like, what?, two, maybe three 1/144 Gundams, so I see no
> reason not to release a HG UC RX-78. Its not like we're flooded with 1/144
> scale plastic RX-78 kits. Your idea does make sense, I do like the look of
> the FG. They could make and it would not interfere with other HG UC
> too much. It would probably sale well.

    Well, There's the 1/144 from the 0079 line from way back in the early 80s
and the crappy HG, and the FG which should be considered a replacement for
the 0079 one......so there's only 2 1/144s worth while...

    Personally I want more Z and ZZ era MSs in the HGUC line.....but if
Bandai choose to make a Rx78 HGUC I'll definitelly get it.

    It seems that there isn't any new MGs that have been announced for next
year, I guess Bandai don't want to overflood the Market with MGs, I predict
the next MGs will be released around April and it will be either GP03s,
GM-Command, or Some Zeon Mecha....All the while Bandai will be churning out
at least 2 or 3 new HGUC kits Since they won't be doing MGs and the only
other alternative is Turn-A.....I do hope they release a Barzam or a galbaldy
beta....and the R-jaja.....

> Aaron

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