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> Ah, come on Mark, this is a company known for doing color variation on the
> same kit. The demand, I'm sure, is there to do the Gundam as well after
> doing the GC and GTank. All they have to do is modify the first grade mold
> to make it snap fit and use poly caps. Ain't no too hard now, is it? I'm
> sure it ain't, especially for a company like Bandai..

  Also, there's like, what?, two, maybe three 1/144 Gundams, so I see no
reason not to release a HG UC RX-78. Its not like we're flooded with 1/144
scale plastic RX-78 kits. Your idea does make sense, I do like the look of
the FG. They could make and it would not interfere with other HG UC releases
too much. It would probably sale well.


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