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> Cool! I wonder if it'll be closer to the original or to the 08th MS team
> version.....I wonder if they'll ever do the RX-78 in HGUC, We have yet to
> see
> any gundam in that line, and the only 1/144 Gundams are The FG and the
> original crappy HG.....

  I agree with you, though some people will disagree. I'd love to see a HG UC
RX-78 kit, too. Yes, its been made a lot, but the FG doesn't appeal to me
because of all the painting required and you can never have too many versions
of the very first Gundam. Its a classic! (Its also my favorite). Heck, it
could even be the Katoki version (hope I spelled his name right). It could
come with the armor for the Full Armor version too. I'd buy two of them if
that where the case, one regular and one Full armor.


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