Tue, 23 Nov 1999 00:18:19 EST

> The latest dish on new releases from the G-GOODS Newsletter...
> * HG-UC Guntank! At last, the White Base trio is complete. Due in
> January, Y800.

    Cool! I wonder if it'll be closer to the original or to the 08th MS team
version.....I wonder if they'll ever do the RX-78 in HGUC, We have yet to see
any gundam in that line, and the only 1/144 Gundams are The FG and the
original crappy HG.....

> * Gundam Century Renewal Version! Tentatively scheduled for January,
> published by Sunrise, Y4000.

    Whew.....more stuff to add to the must have list....Do you know what sort
of new stuff it'll have?

> * Kodansha's MSV Collection File (Space Edition) is out at last (Y2000).
> The G-GOODS guy reviews it poorly, though.

    Hmm.......I never cared too much about those...What sort of info are they
supposed to contain??

> Also noted: A third diecast Gundam toy will be released as a special
> prize - a 1/144 Dopp. Not sure how you get to win it, though.

    And I gotta ask........why the Dopp?!

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