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Eiji Hayashi writes, regarding the classification of the MSZ-007 as a Gundam,

>that makes absolutely no sense to me.

  <shrug> It's a simple and consistent rule.

>I don't recall ever reading about there being more than one MSZ-006D. The
>Model Graphix issue I read, "Around the Zeta Plus World", indicate there is
>only one D model.

  Which issue are you referring to? "Around the Z Plus World" was a
multi-parter, and none of the installments I have mention how many were
produced. The only comments I've seen regarding its production are in the
big Gundam Wars book, which as I already said indicates that several were
produced in multiple batches.

>The Z is psychomu test prototypes, it is not indicative of what the Zaku II
>should be, but is rather, an experiment with the clear purpose to produce

  Exactly. And since there are officially dozens of Z Pluses in
circulation already, any unique prototypes in the family (like the A3)
could easily be mockups for future mobile suits (in this case, the D
type). This doesn't mean that the _base_ machine isn't a mass-produced model.

>The MS-06R-2 is nothing more than a MS-06R1, which is a mass production MS,
>painted in red then given to Johnny Raiden.

  Not quite. The R-2's genealogy is much more complicated - see the MS
Classics features on my site for the gory details. It's actually of the
same type as the MSZ-007 and Re-GZ - a trial unit of a canceled
mass-production mobile suit.

>In any case the factor of mass production is irrelevent, since you readily
>admit that even mass produced version of Gundam, as long as it has the word
>"Gundam" in its name somewhere, is reason enough to consider it a Gundam.

  That's right. We're just carrying on a digression about the quantity of
Z Pluses out there. It wouldn't affect my classification whether they
made 2 or 200. :-)

>I think a much better classification method would be to look at the model
>number. At the most basic, any MS which has the same basic model series as a
>prototype Gundam, should be considered a Gundam. Just look at all the RX-78.

  That's an interesting method. It's certainly a bit more scientific than
"I know it when I see it." :-)

>One may even go as far as
>consider every MS with the MSZ prefix to be Gundams.

  I dunno about that. The purpose of Anaheim's Project Z wasn't to
produce Gundams per se. And Anaheim produced Gundams outside of Project Z
(e.g. the Gundam Mark III, Superior Gundam, Epsy Gundam...).

>BTW Mark.. as for your objection of the FAZZ being a Gundam because there
>isn't the word "Gundam" in it. I quote Entertainment Bible...
>"FAZZ is the abbreviation for Full Armor ZZ GUNDAM".

  Sure, just like Re-GZ is an abbreviation for "Refined Gundam Z."
Neither are Gundams by my oh-so-simple definition.

-- Mark

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