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>> Christina MacKenzie (Gundam NT-1) is the first mature Gundam pilot, 21
>> years old, which makes her two years older than Bright Noa when he became
>> commander of the White Base.
>On that note... it's interesting that non-Tomino UC Gundams tend to feature
>older, mature pilots. Kou, I believe, was listed somewhere between 18-20
>(19 I think is the official age). Shiro Amada is tad older at 21(Early
>20's), and the rest of the cast is well in their late teens and early 20's,
>including Mikhail/Michael and Kiki Logita (both 16 I believe?).

Oops! I knew I'd missed something. Kou Uraki (GP01 & GP03) was 19 and
Nina Purpleton was 21, two years his elder. Chuck Keith was 20, although
he didn't get to pilot the Big G. Gundam pilot Anavel Gato was 25.

Shiro Amada was 20, Karen Joshua was 26, and Telly Sanders Jr was
29. Eledore Machis was 24, Michel Ninoritch was 18 and Kiki Logita was
17. Gidan Nickerd was 61. Ginias Sakhalin was 27 and his sister Aina was 23.

The Gundam pilots in non-Tomino series are definitely older, but they all
share a tendency to chase after older women....


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