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> Christina MacKenzie (Gundam NT-1) is the first mature Gundam pilot, 21
> years old, which makes her two years older than Bright Noa when he became
> commander of the White Base.

On that note... it's interesting that non-Tomino UC Gundams tend to feature
older, mature pilots. Kou, I believe, was listed somewhere between 18-20
(19 I think is the official age). Shiro Amada is tad older at 21(Early
20's), and the rest of the cast is well in their late teens and early 20's,
including Mikhail/Michael and Kiki Logita (both 16 I believe?).

Games also tend to feature older characters, such as Yu Kajima (who in the
manga looks almost 20ish. On a side note, the manga also features a rather
"horrific" scene of what happens when mobile suits topple onto buildings)
and Master P. Rayer.

Of course, age has not a damn thing with maturity if you ask me.

Y. "Ima Toysrus kid" Choe

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