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> How many V2 Gundams where made? I saw a picture in a magazine ages ago
>shows a scene from the anime with two V2 Gundam's side by side. So, there
>at least two of them, then.

I'm not sure of the number of V2 Gundams that were built, but there were
three different models of V2: LM314V21 V2 Gundam, LM314V23 V2 Buster Gundam
and LM312V24 V2 Assault Gundam. I suspect that were, at most, only two or
three of each, as was the case with the LM312V04 V Gundam and
LM312V04+SD-VB03A V Dash Gundam. The mass-production version was the
LM312V06 V Gundam Hexa, which lacks the distinctive V antenna.

> Another question, how old is the Gundam pilot(s) in V2 Gundam? One is only
>12-13 years, isn't he? The only thing I know about V Gundam, is the mecha
>designs from V Gundam are very cool.

Most MS pilots are in their 20s, regardless of the era, but Gundam pilots
have traditionally been youngsters who have yet to lose their
innocence. The entire White Base crew were all underage, their elders have
been killed off or mortally wounded during the attack on Side 7.

Taking the series in the order of their production:

Amuro Ray (Gundam) and Hayato Kobayashi (GunTank) were both 15. If I
recall correctly, Amuro's age was originally given as 14 and later
retconned upward to 15. Kai Shiden (GunCannon) and Sayla Mass (Core
Booster) were both 17. Ryu Hosei (GunCannon) was the old man of the team
at 18.

Camille Vidan (Z-Gundam) was a tad older at 17, but Katsu Howin Kobayashi
(Gundam Mk.II) was only 14, being the oldest of the former "Gang of Three"
adopted by Hayato and Fra after the War.

Judau Ashita (Gundam-ZZ) was 13 or 14. Elpeo Ple was only 10 to 11, which
I believe is the youngest on record.

Quess Paraya never got to pilot a Gundam, but she was all of 12 when she
sided with Neo Zeon. Hathaway Noa was just a year older, that magic number 13.

Christina MacKenzie (Gundam NT-1) is the first mature Gundam pilot, 21
years old, which makes her two years older than Bright Noa when he became
commander of the White Base.

Seabook Arno (F91) was one of the more mature Gundam pilots, at 17 -- a
year older than Cecily Fairchild -- but by then they were aiming for a more
mature audience.

Usso Ewing (V Gundam) is 13, the last of the kid pilots in the UC time line.

> Why are the pilots so young? I hope AnimeVillage gets around to subbing V
>Gundam. Would V Gundam have been a better Gundam show to release in the US
>first? Wouldn't a Gundam show with young kids as the pilot appeal better to
>the people who watch CN?

The pilots are so young because they represent the innocent. In Japanese
culture before Westernization, the age of majority was 16, but youngsters
were considered (and held) responsible from the age of 13. If you add five
years to this, you'll get the typical age range of "young adult" novels in
America -- the span between the age of legal adulthood (can serve in the
military, be held criminally liable, etc.) and actual majority (can drink,
consent to sex, vote).

That's the Federal standard, of course. Your mileage may vary, depending
on the state or county in which you reside....

As to why Gundam Wing and not V Gundam, well, Gundam Wing is "new" (this
side of 1995) while V Gundam is "old" (the other side of 1995) and is a
proven success with a broader audience. It's also double-tracked to both
the younger, TV-based audience and the older, OAV-based audience. It's
Hip, it's Happening and it's a lot closer to Now than V, which has the
disadvantage of having been conceived as an updating of the original
series, where Wing is a departure in every sense of the word from the
traditional Gundam.


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