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> I buy anime-related stuff (including toys/figures/models)
> for the sake of collecting and fandom.

  I buy anime-related stuff(toys/figures/models/CDs) because I like the show
and want stuff to remind me of it, other then having the series to watch.
I've tired collecting every toy from a show and I can never stick with it. I
usually end up just buying the main mecha and/or characters of an anime.

> Uh... so how about a 20 yr. old guy who considers anime characters as
> models"? No particular reason at all, just plain curious... ^_^;

  Well, your an adult, so you can make your own choices. Just don't starting
acting like one of those psycho mecha pilots or anime characters ^_^ As long
as your anime "role model" is sane and somewhat normal, you should be fine. :)


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