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>From: Tomonaga <Tomonaga@xtra.co.nz>

>Personally the simplest way is thus, if the MS can be clearly identified as
>'Gundam', based purely on appearance then it should be classified as such.
>I can
>think of a couple of MS named Gundam but fails this test eg MSZ-007 Mass
>produced Z Gundam, and there are other MS which pass this test despite not
>officially named Gundam Z Plus.

and who is to say how a Gundam should look like?!? They certainly don't
really have such obvious identification features. At one time the most
distinguishing feature of a Gundam was its prongs, but nowadays that
includes too many non_Gundams. Judging by looks alone is much too ambiguous.

>An interesting point to ponder:
>In ZZ Gundam, they replaced the head of Z Gundam with a Zaku head.
>even with the Zaku head it is a Gundam but can you still call it Gundam?
>What if
>it rolled out of the factory in this form ? Would it be a Gundam ? I don't

yes.. because it was a Gundam BEFORE the modification. Doesn't matter what
you do to it afterwards.

>It seems to me that what makes Gundam a Gundam is based purely on physical
>appearance. Not production numbers, model numbers, nicknames etc...

That's like saying a MS is a Gundam to whoever wants it to be a Gundam. Its
much too ambiguous.

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