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James L. Ravelo II wrote:

> Has anyone of you guys beaten the Psyco Mk. III Gundam in the PSX game
> Gundam The Battlemaster 2 using the Zeta Gundam? I really need help on
> this one guys...just one kick from the Psyco Mk. III devastates a Zeta
> that isn't in a position to block. Thanks guys.

 I have, but it took me a long long time. It's not something I want to do
ever again. I still have nightmares about it! and my thumbs feel sore just
by thinking about it : )

I don't know why but the Zeta Gundam in this game is probably the weakest
MS. The special attack really sucks! It should have been the 'mega
launcher' instead of 'ram with the nose cone attack'.

To beat the Psycho Gundam MkIII you have to be able to use the special
attack successfully right from the start. Probably stating the obvious but
the more you can pull off the special attack without getting hit, the
easier it will be.

Also if you crouch down on the left corner of the screen and kick and punch
at the right moments you should be able to score hits and prevent the
Psycho Gundam from kicking. But if it does start getting you, get out of
there! Jump to the other corner, and do a special attack in the reverse
direction (if you can) or wait for a chance to return to the other corner
and use the special attack.

Repeat this procedure for as long as you can. If you are lucky, you should
survive long enough and cause enough damage to be declared a winner. If
you are really good and lucky then you might be able to destroy it before
the time runs out. I don't think I was able to destroy it completely with
the Z Gundam but I get a lot of satisfaction destroying the Psycho Gundam
MkIII with the more powerful MS.

Good Luck!


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