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> > BTW, does anybody like the designs for the Turn A Gundam series?
> I like some of the designs. But honestly the FLAT hasn't totallty grown on me yet.

I like both Flat and Wadom a lot, really communicate the divergence of
designs from centuries of Lunar isolation. Turn-A is a marginal thumbs-
down. Sumo is ok, it could have worked well as an OYW mecha. The Zaku,
Baund Doc retoconn don't work for me. Bringing back Kapool is nice, but
why did they shrink it?!

And Turn-X, wow, Turn-X is a masterpiece. I am just speechless. I can't
wait when I can get the model. Off the bat, I would say it ranks within
the top 10 amongst mechas in ALL of Gundam Universes.

After a few months of cooling down from the shock of seeing the first
Turn-A picture <shudders!>, I would say bringing in Syd Mead was, overall,
a good thing. His designs are innovative, if sometimes off the wall.
And he's taking all the fraks, sometimes enraged fans blame him even for
other people's works. But I think it worked out in the end, he did bring
in a lot of freshness and he had a positive influence on veteran MS
designers such as Okawara.

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