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> Wait a minute... you're saying that they never came out with Stardust mecha?

NO. I meant that they never came out with MG Versions of Zeon/non-Gundam Mecha. No Dom Tropen, Xammel, Dra-C, etc.

> I just saw TWO different Master Grade GP-01 models in the store a couple of
> hours ago. Were there any series that featured another Gundam with as part
> of its name: GP-01? I'm not too familiar with a lot of the names since I
> make several other mecha other than Gundam.
> I only remember the 'kewl' ones like the Dom or the GP-02. These are
> classics.
> BTW, does anybody like the designs for the Turn A Gundam series?

I like some of the designs. But honestly the FLAT hasn't totallty grown on me yet.


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