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> > A very good point. The Nightingale is way too deformed from the Sazabi to
> be feasible as a MG repackage, even the Gouf Custom would require major
> retooling from a MG Gouf mold. The most logical answer would have been the
> Zugock, since all Bandai needs to do is recolor it for a Char's version.
> Too bad it ended up as a HGUC kit instead...
> Eddie

Exactly my point. I too thought that a Zugock would seem to be the next natural choice for a MG but I will admit that the Zugock E would be even more appealing then the standard Zugocks. Actually though I would really rather have some MG Amphibious mecha rather then more Gundams. I think an old GOg type design or the Aggai would be really cool in that retro sorta way.


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