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> I like the Daimos opening theme better than Voltes V's.
>But I like Voltes V's ending theme better than Daimos'.

I like Daimos for tha fact that that Robot beats the crap out of the
Crossbone Gundam as the Swiss knife of the has tonloads of

>>uhhhh...funny you should mention that. my cousin
>>watched voltes v, and she wasn't too happy with the
>>woman being the feet. something about women being
>>trod upon by the men. (of course, i DID have it
>>coming. i started the whole thing, what with my
>>bragging about how it took a man to pilot the
> Hmm... then, your cousin might like Combattler V better,
>since the girl (Chizuru) pilot's the leg parts instead of
>the feet. One step up! =)

eeek. <knocks head off because of hentai thoughts.>

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